You rock! I'll certainly take you up that offer. It'll be interesting to see where the script goes when it's opened to the public!


That was it! The combobox was what I needed as it's intergral to this script. The combo saves a history of the hostname or IP that is entered in the name box. They are 'linked' so to speak to overcome the readonly issue of KixGUI. Info is entered in the textbox and stored in the reg which the combo uses to populate itself. Selecting an item from the combo populates the textbox which is what the script reads from to perform the desired action. Anyhow, I belive that when I went to rewrite into Kixforms that was what I needed.

Thanks for nice comment! The ultimate BB people need to include a ::BLUSH:: tag. BTW, if you do search on my member number, you'll most likely find a topic associated with every facet of this script, including the one above. We really have a wonderfully helpful community here; by far the most receptive, active and helpful I've ever seen.

The one thing that would be really nice is the support for columns in the combo and list boxes. I found that after the history gets populated with hostnames, they all start to look alike. So I tacked on a optional description to allow the user to make note. It cheesy though. The hostname is a reg data entry and the value being the description. They get combined in the combobox like this "HOSTNAME :: This is Jim's
box." Then I do a Split() on "::" to seperate them again. Ducttape solution no doubt. [Smile]

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