Jim, yes, I've been scrambling to get FORMS 22 out the door, certainly haven't been humping the freak'n laser - if thats what you mean [Wink]

Seriously, I've been around long enough to tell the difference between your serious and non-serious suggestions. It would be cool to think that at the end of the day, one could write their own FORMS GUI designer, using just FORMS and Kixtart itself (theoretically possible given a proper object model and toolset).

But I get a real thrill out of using these tools (KIXGUI and KIXFORMS) ... Alex did an amazing job with KIXGUI and creating FORMS has been pure joy for me as well. Think the thing is - they provide a departure from the routine stuff (writing login and admin scripts) ... give us a chance to push the boundaries a little and have some fun.