How about being able to change the mouse pointer to an hourglass (or anything else for that matter) to indicate system activity or status. I am currently using KiXGUI for an application that automatically updates Anti-Virus software on remote workstations, the only problem is that I have to pop a 'System Busy' dialog and lock the parent form while the domain is enumerated, which isn't the best. I must admit it is more of a nice to have than a necessity, but you did ask and if implemented then I'm sure I will have to defect to Kixforms [Wink]

Oh, and how about updating the documentation so that we can all take advantage of the new features that you have already implemented. The current Word document still refers to features coming in Build 8! I know that documentation is a PITA to write, but it helps enormously.

Finally, many thanks for investing so much time in this product; the GUI libraries really add a whole new dimension to an already excellent language.