Guys, great to see feedback and ideas. Now we're talking - now were cooking with grease ... (or back-bacon, or something)...

Yeah, a control inherits it's font from it's parent. Which imho, for most applications, is a very desirable behavior. Set the font once on the form, and be done with it. The font get passed along from parent to child, like a gene [Wink] Forms that have too many fonts are generally recognised as a bad thing (I didn't say that, heard it somewhere)

Color options for everything. Kixforms supports color options for everything except the Button object.

Support for grouping (optionbuttons). Kixforms supports that.

Progressbar. Build 21 supports progressbars.

Windows 9x - Build 21

Fully functional ComboBox - Build 22

I modified the first post in thread to preserve all these ideas.

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