Thanks guys, I think I am just in the minority for what I want.

I got into writing full applications in Kix using Kixforms for the GUI. These are "scripts" that are some 4000 lines long. Typically, that is just too big to easily debug with -d and stepping through the script. I got into what might be the bad habit of dumping a problem function into a seperate script and debuging it there with known inputs.

I probably should just use DEBUG ON, heck I should be using a different language, but the seperate script always made it easier to edit just that part of the script without losing my spot.

The problem with doing this is the classic.
1. Copy the code into a brand new script
2. "Lets fire it up and see what is wrong."
3. "Oh look, there it is. *muddle with code* Guess I don't need to debug."
4. Close the window without geting past BREAK ON
5. Scream "NOT AGAIN!" as I log myself off.