I use two different tools in the environments that I support.

The first is a general cleanup process that removes all files older than 3 days from specific locations. The age and paths can be specified by parameters in the script, but generally are not changed once defined. I've attached "cleanup.kix" in a zip file to this post.

The second tool is a log maintenance script that can archive/cleanup files from locations based on a config file. The same script can be used with different parameter settings to manage files from dozens of applications on a system, each with different archive, retention, and filename parameters. This tool can archive files (rename, to folder, or to ZIP), delete files, delete archived files, control services, and run external tasks before and after archiving. All actions are logged, and logs are removed on the same schedule as the files. A summary log is also created to interface with enterprise monitoring tools like Tivoli, Patrol, or HP OpenView.

The LogMaint tool will be available on our web site for download in the near future - I'm developing a GUI management console for the final package. If you'd like the current package, just place a request for LOGMAINT through our web site contact page and we'll email you the zip file with full docs. You'll need to manually create the INI file containing the configurations, but it's not difficult and the docs provide plenty of examples.

Using LogMaint allows you to employ one standard script for all log and file cleanup tasks without any custom coding. It's in use at several enterprise environments.


cleanup.zip (539 downloads)

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