17th of October 2022
New KiXtart version 4.70 Added @INUDF - macro that returns name of current User-defined function

10th of October 2016
New KiXtart version 4.67 Fixes issue with large strings in scripts

24th of July 2015
New KiXtart version 4.66 bringing full support for windows 10!

25th of Feb 2014
New KiXtart version 4.64 bringing full support for windows 8.1!

4th of September 2012
New KiXtart version 4.63 bringing new features and what not!

12th of August 2011
Long wait is over, 4.62 got Released

24th of September 2009
Long wait is over, 4.61 got Released

2nd of January 2009
4.61 Beta 1 available for download

3rd of October 2007
4.60 Released!

28th of September 2007
4.60 Release Candidate 1a out.

25th of September 2007
4.60 Release Candidate 1 is here.

2nd of September 2007
minor update to beta2, the
4.60 beta 2a made available.

25th of August 2007
KiXtart 2010 - 4.60 beta 2 available for public testing.

12th of July 2007
KiXtart 2010 - 4.60 beta 1 available for public testing.

15th of September 2006
KiXtart 2010 - 4.53 got released.

24th of August 2006
RC-1 of KiXtart 4.53 available for download.

10th of August 2006
Beta 2 of KiXtart 4.53 available for download.

31st of July 2006
Beta 1 of KiXtart 4.53 available for download.

21st of July 2006
KiXtart 2010 4.52 got released.

4th of June 2006
We finally got out the new 4.52 RC-1. Go check it out!

6th of January 2006
4.52 development evolved to Beta 2.

23th of Dec 2005
yet again, new KiXtart version is in the works. this time, it's 4.52 Beta 1 we can play with.

13th of December 2005
KiXtart.org is running in full again. the board has been up for a day or so and the website should be fully fixed now as well. Thanks Henri.

10th of December 2005
Unfortunate the server went down, it seems like a big crash. At this moment I cannot recover everything, but am working on it. Sorry for the inconvience. -henri

Thursday, 6th of October 2005
Kixtart 4.51 Released

26th of September 2005
Release Candidate 1 of v4.51 available.

10th of September 2005
Beta 2 of v4.51 out.

Monday, August 29th, 2005
Beta 1 of v4.51 out.
4.51 is a "minor" update.

Friday, 1st of july 2005
Kixtart 2010 (v4.50)
got published!

featuring the all new pre-tokenization system.

12th of May 2005
Kixtart 4.50 RC-1 out in the wild.

7th of April 2005
Kixtart 4.50 beta 2a published.

6th of April 2005
Kixtart 4.50 beta 2 out.

22th of March 2005
Support boards were upgraded.
It was also reason for some server downtime during the evening.

27th of February 2005
Kixtart 4.50 beta 1a brought to public.

31st of December 2004
Kixtart 4.23 saw the light of day.

24th of July 2004
New KiXgolf tournament has began.
This time we are working on crypthography.
For more info, see the Thread.

17th of November 2003
Bulletin Board back online with new software.

14 November 2003
KiXtart V4.22
  is available!

14 November 2003
Board down for maintenance.
More info at MCA's Site

26 august 2003
Kixtart.org had a slight change in the overall site look...

25 august 2003
KiXtart 4.22 RC1
 came online!

25 july 2003
KiXtart manual
 in PDF format is available!

15 july 2003
KiXtart V4.21
  is available!

17 february 2003
KiXtart 4.20
  is available!

17 december 2002
The bulletinboard is on-line again!

12 december 2002
Unfortunate the bulletin board is off-line, due to technical difficulties. Infopop (the makers) are trying to solve the problem.

11 november 2002V4.12 final  is available!

26 augustus 2002
V4.11 final  is available!

20 augustus 2002
V4.11 RC1  is available!

8 july 2002
V4.10 final  is available!

30 may 2002

V4.10 RC2  is available!

4 april 2002

V4.10 beta 1  is available!

25 march 2002

V4.02 help is available!

6 march 2002
KiXtart 2001 v4.10 build 81 is available!

5 march 2002
We are moving this site to a new server, we
try to keep the downtime as low as possible.
Thanks for your continuing support!
21 january 2002
KiXtart 2001 v4.02 is available!

19 november 2001
Finally! KiXtart 2001v4.00 is available!

10 september 2001
Put KiXtart 2001 Release Candidate 3 onlin

18 july 2001
Put KiXtart 2001
Release Candidate 1 online. Probably within one week the final version will be available.

24 april 2001

Put KiXtart 2001 beta
2 online..

12 april 2001
Added a second version of a HTML help file

2 april 2001
Put KiXtart 2001 beta 1 online..

9 february 2001
Updated manual index.

9 november 2000
Added HTML help and link to Scripting book!

23 october 2000
Added KiXtart release 3.63

11 october 2000
Command reference added

6 october 2000
Alpha release available for download

4 july 2000
Made a new layout, hope you like it.

3 july 2000
Added some graphix to the bulletinboard.

6 june 2000
Finally got access to closed site, instantly moved it to my own server. Also renamed the domain to a more appropriate one: from kixtart.to to kixtart.org.

2 june 2000
Communitech shut down this site.

20 may 2000
This site has been online in its current form for 1 year now!