Dear members,

We have finally implement the new statistics. Statistics which have a relation with
the site.
Now we are using active posts instead of profile information for our reports.
Also we are going back to the beginning.

The previous statistics page has been replaced with
BB-info and BB Statistics pages.
Each page contains sub-pages.
Current structure
     BB info
kixtart FAQ (summary & mirror report of 'FAQ' forum (
kixtart UDF (summary & mirror report of 'UDF' forum (
Scriptlogic UDF (summary & mirror report of 'UDF' forum (
BB index (complete forum index of '' site. size about 1.2 MB)
BB specials (summary report of '' members)
BB statistics
BB overview
BB overview details (details per month, per day, per 3-hour and per weekday. based on active posts)
BB history
BB user history
BB top25 part I (per month, no cumulation. based on active posts)
BB top25 part II (per month with cumulation per year. based on active posts)
BB top25 summary
- per year, no cumulation. based on active posts of registered membered.
- also for period 1999..2003 complete reports based on active posts of unregistered and registered members and based on profile
BB mm club (details per month, per 3-hour and per weekday for all members with over 1.000 posts. based on active posts)

All feedback, questions and comment are still welcome.

btw: updating once a month.
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