Chr(0) ?? Who the $%#% thought that up?

PasswordChar = "" would be my thought of "Reasonable", although another thought that flashed in my head was - set it to "" so NOTHING is echoed. Hmmm..

Honestly, I'd expect two params.. one to define the character and another (Bool) to enable/disable it. This way, enabled & Char="" echos nothing, Char="*" echos "****" while enabled and "pAsS" when disabled.

I think the boolean goes beyond echo - if the field has data, PWChar="*", and PWCharEnable=1, the field shows "****", but simply change the PWCharEnable to 0 and the field shows clear text. OK - maybe with a field.Refresh..

I'm not sure I'm the best one to be discussing this - to me, OOP is what I say when I cut myself shaving [Wink]

I don't have the same comfort level in VB as I do in past "scripting" languages - unix shell or perl - but Kix is kind of helping me cross the bridge, especially the KixForms.. but I'm dyin' here without Dox.. Lots of "gee, what's this do" and "how's this work" going on tonight.

Anyway - them's my thoughts...

Actually I am a Rocket Scientist! \:D