Um, I'm running out of hairs tonight...

I've defined a text box for a password, and defined the PasswordChar = "*" for that field.

Later, I want to put a clear text string "UNDEFINED" in the password field to show it hasn't yet been entered.. The form allows new objects to be defined (requiring secure entry of the P/W) and editing of existing objects.

Redefining the PasswordChar to "" doesn't work. Am I missing something or does KixForms remember the value once it is set? Is there another way to toggle the security on and off?



; this is the definition early on in the script..
$lblPass = $fraSec.Label()
$lblPass.Caption = "Password:"
$lblPass.Left = 255
$lblPass.Top = 25
$lblPass.Width = 70
$lblPass.Height = 20
$txtPass = $fraSec.TextBox()
$txtPass.Left = 325
$txtPass.Top = 20
$txtPass.Width = 125
$txtPass.Height = 20
$txtPass.PasswordChar = "*"

; much later, we read the defined account name
; and display it. Since we can't read the P/W,
; and require that it be re-entered, I'd like
; to display clear text in the field and OnFocus
; change the passwordchar back to "*", like:

$txtPass.PasswordChar = ""
$txtPass.Value = "UNDEFINED"

; but it still displays "********"

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