I am trying to populate a combobox with a list of values from an array of 7 elements. I want to default the selection to one of the elements based on what another variable contains.

The "match" variable will contain exactly the same text as one of the combo-box elements. I assume that I need to use the "$cboChoice.Selected" property, but I'm not sure how to specify WHICH element in the combo box to apply it to. The online help is not available for that topic, and I can't find an example in the sample scripts (yet).

Here's what I've got so far - don't know how to make the item Selected when I find it.
$Default = "Green" ; set elsewhere...

$aryTYPES = "Red", "Green", "Blue"
For Each $Tmp in $aryTYPES
If $Tmp = $Default
; mark this item SELECTED

; HOW???




PS - is any other KixForms documentation available that I'm not looking at??
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