great - will watch this space for your gold edition script.

suggestions: yeah just a couple right now. small stuff really:

1) Suggest you BeginUpdate/EndUpdate on the form rather than on the control, specifically I changed this line:

; $lvwProcessList.EndUpdate


; $lvwProcessList.EndUpdate

Im not completely satisfied yet with the control level Begin/EndUpdates ... for some reason (and I think its a windows problem) when the EndUpdate is executed on a control, the desktop does a refresh as well. You may or may not have noticed this - and it may be OS dependent - but try running your script standalone against the desktop, might see it. Using Begin/EndUpdate with the form itself is much better - only caveat is that the whole form frozen, which is usually ok unless you got a progressbar happening while your loading the listview.

2) Moved the $frmProcess.Show down to just before the loop, and commented out the proggy refreshes (was there a reason for those?), like this:

; $prgCPUUsage.Refresh
; $prgMEMUsage.Refresh

Find that the form flips a little better with this configuration ... just some thoughts ...