You were right! Someone or something unplugged the internal ribbon cable to the onboard SCSI... [Wink] Oddly enough the manual calls for the terminator and all of the Quantum DLTs ship with one as well? Learn something every day! Makes sense considering I can't remember the last time I had to fuss with HDD termination. I need to get under the hood more often... Thanks!


Unfortunately we're not running it on an Ultra160 bus which is where I think they were claiming was required to really see the boost. I'll let you know next week how it compares to the DLT 40/80's. IMHO, Compaq (Jim shivers) has a nice single drive rack SDLT 110/220 library that holds 26 tapes for $8k that can be upgraded to two drives for another $4k. Definitely worth the money! I HATE DOING TAPES! Can someone please write a script that changes tapes for me? In fact this may merit a .dll [Smile] Or even better, my own personal mini-me!

1st bad impression is that LTO tapes use stickers... Probably to jive with barcode stickers? I like the cards DLTs use. Not sure what SDLT is using, but knowing the DLT IV can be read by SDLT drives, I'd bet they haven't changed.

Bryce, what'ch you got there?

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