The reg data is not really dynamic and does not populate based on the network. Entries are made manually and stored there for future reference and use. That's a great idea though. Poll all active boxes on the network and populate a menu. That can be stored in an temp array. I think I ask Alex to incorporate a WIN32 Network Browser method, don't remember the outcome?

Sorry to keep adding, but tack that on list too. File, Folder, and Network browsers.

No convinving necessary, I was thoroughly impressed with KixLander and Light brite. I was also working on a user manager when you submitted yours. We used Enterprise Administrator until the W2K active directory came along and then sent us NetIQ's DRA tool which is SOOOOOOOOOOO slow. The project got dropped indefinitely. Recreate what wheel I said? [Smile] See pic below.

However, this project will be rewritten for Forms as soon as the combo is ready. That was the original intent due to optionbox issue and read-only combo in KixGUI. Also from what I remember, Alex was taking a break on kixgui development for a while.

Speaking of SCSI, can you believe that Seagate shipped me a $5000 external Viper Ultrium LTO today, and didn't include a frickin' $10 terminator??? [Mad] Throw me a frickin' bone here. I'd love to meet the accountant who made that call...


...the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.