Shawn, like I said, nothing I asked for is high priority. Rather than flat buttons, buttons that can contain graphics or rather graphics that can handle the onclick event would be nice, currently not available with KixGUI. However, I'm not complaining either. I'm as happy as a pig in sh** just being able to do this stuff. And again I apologize if KixForms has this ability and I'm just ignorant to the fact. Gotta re-read the manual. BTW, how up to date is the most recent manual? Can you provide the link yet again?

Lonkero, I still have to finish with some of the code. Like I have been waiting on the Remote Execution God to shine some light on us forever. [BTW, I found out for 100% certain that is indeed impossible to proxy out of any telnet like impersonation connection. Whether it be WMI or WSH. This from a guy who wrote one of those Programming Windows Security books. I'll update the Driving Me Insane post.] Also using Shawn's ADSI example for managing the services and the pause routine has been giving me some problems. And I have to incorporate process checking for the Netmeeting RDS service (exist? Paused? UnPause) so that launches correctly.

Fourtunatley, this will all be done by next Wed. so hang in there.

Good news is that all code is native to Kix, WMI and WSH. No external crap required, except I am going to add the option to use PSEXEC.EXE to overcome the telnet proxy issue.

The next thing that someone will have to explain is how I'm going to post this? I had a compiled installer version because it requires regisrty entries in LM and CU, shortcuts, 20+ images, and several scripts. Any ideas? Or if some has WWW/FTP hosting space for around 1.5MB that would rock.

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