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Per - Admin Tools
Bill Stewart's freeware 'Windows Admin Script Tools'This is also listed at my site -
Win-Scripts-Gen Utils{Edit 18-April-2003: Added Wake On LAN information}
Wake On Lan (WOL)
Ref. http://www.kixtart.org/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Number=99163Did some digging and was looking at the FAQ - Shutdown/Restart - optionsNoticed - Jorgen BosmanOn his Applications Page, the PowerOff only shows a GUI to do this. However, he includes full source code too.
Thinking that there has to be a Command-line driven tool that does this did some digging and using Google and used the search word wol.exe and found the following:

Real-World Scripting: Use WOL to Wake Up Your Machines Remotely

Found this software site - Gammadyne's Free Software

Wake On LAN

The EXE is from -

From Jens:
See also KiXtart Systems Management Server (Part III, The Client) [a.k.a The Complete Package], which uses WOL on the server-side. However, I'm using the utility that comes directly from AMD (also free). See AMD's Magic Packet™ Technology

Download the AMD WOL Utility at http://www.amd.com/us-en/assets/content_type/utilities/magic_pkt.exe

See also Wake on LAN mini HOWTO

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AutoIT http://www.hiddensoft.com/autoit
Dependency Walker -
We have talked about applications in the past, for example Process Explorer from http://www.sysinternals.com .

However, this maybe better in the sense you can check what DLLs, etc. are needed to run an application.



And is downloadable from -


If you want versions that support:

Alpha, AXP64, MIPS, and PowerPC architectures please visit the dependencywalker page listed above.

The latest NETDOM 5.2.3790.1830 tool can be found here
Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 32-bit Support Tools

Download Link:
File Name: WindowsServer2003-KB892777-SupportTools-x86-ENU.exe
Version: SP1
Date Published: 3/30/2005
Language: English
Download Size: 5336 KB

KB Article:
Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Support Tools

Windows Server 2003 SP1 includes updates for the following Support Tools:
• Acldiag.exe
• Adsiedit.msc
• Bitsadmin.exe
• Dcdiag.exe
• Dfsutil.exe
• Dnslint.exe
• Dsacls.exe
• Iadstools.dll
• Ktpass.exe
• Ldp.exe
• Netdiag.exe
• Netdom.exe Version 5.2.3790.1830
• Ntfrsutl.exe
• Portqry.exe
• Repadmin.exe
• Replmon.exe
• Setspn.exe


Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Administration Tools Pack
KB Article:


Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools contains the latest version of RoboCopy

Acctinfo.dll (documented in Readme.htm)
Adlb.exe: Active Directory Load Balancing Tool
Admx.msi: ADM File Parser
Atmarp.exe: Windows ATM ARP Server Information Tool
Atmlane.exe: Windows ATM LAN Emulation Client Information
Autoexnt.exe: AutoExNT Service
Cdburn.exe: ISO CD-ROM Burner Tool
Checkrepl.vbs: Check Replication
Chklnks.exe: Link Check Wizard
Chknic.exe: Network Interface Card Compliance Tool for Network Load Balancing
Cleanspl.exe: Spooler Cleaner
Clearmem.exe: Clear Memory
Clusdiag.msi: Cluster Diagnostics and Verification Tool
Clusfileport.dll: Cluster Print File Port
Clusterrecovery.exe: Server Cluster Recovery Utility
Cmdhere.inf: Command Here
Cmgetcer.dll: Connection Manager Certificate Deployment Tool
Compress.exe: Compress Files
Confdisk.exe: Disk Configuration Tool
Consume.exe: Memory Consumers Tool
Creatfil.exe: Create File
Csccmd.exe: Client-Side Caching Command-Line Options
Custreasonedit.exe: Custom Reason Editor (documented in Readme.htm)
Delprof.exe: User Profile Deletion Utility
Dh.exe: Display Heap
Diskraid.exe: RAID Configuration Tool
Diskuse.exe: User Disk Usage Tool
Dnsdiag.exe: SMTP DNS Diagnostic Tool (documented in Readme.htm)
Dumpfsmos.cmd: Dump FSMO Roles
Dvdburn.exe: ISO DVD Burner Tool
Empty.exe: Free Working Set Tool
Eventcombmt.exe: Check Replication
Fcopy.exe: File Copy Utility for Message Queuing
Getcm.exe: Connection Manager Profile Update
Gpmonitor.exe: Group Policy Monitor
Gpotool.exe: Group Policy Objects
Hlscan.exe: Hard Link Display Tool
Ifilttst.exe: IFilter Test Suite
Ifmember.exe: User Membership Tool
Inetesc.adm: Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration
Iniman.exe: Initialization Files Manipulation Tool
Instcm.exe: Install Connection Manager Profile
Instsrv.exe: Service Installer
Intfiltr.exe: Interrupt Affinity Tool
Kerbtray.exe: Kerberos Tray
Kernrate.exe: Kernel Profiling Tool
Klist.exe: Kerberos List
Krt.exe: Certification Authority Key Recovery
Lbridge.cmd: L-Bridge
Linkspeed.exe: Link Speed
List.exe: List Text File Tool
Lockoutstatus.exe: Account Lockout Status (documented in Readme.htm)
Lsreport.exe: Terminal Services Licensing Reporter
Lsview.exe: Terminal Services License Server Viewer
Mcast.exe: Multicast Packet Tool
Memmonitor.exe: Memory Monitor
Memtriage.exe: Resource Leak Triage Tool
Mibcc.exe: SNMP MIB Compiler
Moveuser.exe: Move Users
Mscep.dll: Certificate Services Add-on for Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol
Nlsinfo.exe: Locale Information Tool
Now.exe: STDOUT Current Date and Time
Ntimer.exe: Windows Program Timer
Oh.exe: Open Handles
Oleview.exe: OLE/COM Object Viewer
Pathman.exe: Path Manager
Permcopy.exe: Share Permissions Copy
Perms.exe: User File Permissions Tool
Pfmon.exe: Page Fault Monitor
Pkiview.msc: PKI Health Tool
Pmon.exe: Process Resource Monitor
Printdriverinfo.exe: Drivers Source
Prnadmin.dll: Printer Administration Objects
Qtcp.exe: QoS Time Stamp
Queryad.vbs: Query Active Directory
Rassrvmon.exe: RAS Server Monitor
Rcontrolad.exe: Active Directory Remote Control Add-On
Regini.exe: Registry Change by Script
Regview.exe (documented in Readme.htm)
Remapkey.exe: Remap Windows Keyboard Layout
Robocopy.exe: Robust File Copy Utility
Rpccfg.exe: RPC Configuration Tool
RPing: RPC Connectivity Verification Tool
Rqc.exe: Remote Access Quarantine Client
Rqs.exe: Remote Access Quarantine Agent
Setprinter.exe: Spooler Configuration Tool
Showperf.exe: Performance Data Block Dump Utility
Showpriv.exe: Show Privilege
Sleep.exe: Batch File Wait
Sonar.exe: FRS Status Viewer
Splinfo.exe: Print Spooler Information
Srvany.exe: Applications as Services Utility
Srvcheck.exe: Server Share Check
Srvinfo.exe: Remote Server Information
Srvmgr.exe: Server Manager
Ssdformat.exe: System State Data Formatter
Tcmon.exe: Traffic Control Monitor
Timeit.exe (documented in Readme.htm)
Timezone.exe: Daylight Saving Time Update Utility
Tsctst.exe: Terminal Server Client License Dump Tool
Tsscalling.exe: Terminal Services Scalability Planning Tools
Uddicatschemeeditor.exe: UDDI Services Categorization Scheme Editor
Uddiconfig.exe: UDDI Services Command-line Configuration Utility
Uddidataexport.exe: UDDI Data Export Wizard
Usrmgr.exe: User Manager for Domains
Vadump.exe: Virtual Address Dump
Vfi.exe: Visual File Information
Volperf.exe: Shadow Copy Performance Counters
Volrest.exe: Shadow Copies for Shared Folders Restore Tool
Vrfydsk.exe: Verify Disk
Winexit.scr: Windows Exit Screen Saver
Winhttpcertcfg.exe: WinHTTP Certificate Configuration Tool
Winhttptracecfg.exe: WinHTTP Tracing Facility Configuration Tool
Winpolicies.exe: Policy Spy
Wins.dll: WINS Replication Network Monitor Parser
Wlbs_hb.dll & Wlbs_rc.dll: Windows Load Balancing Server Network Monitor Parsers

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