You can do a search from above..

Choose the Search Link above.

(1) Select Forum(s) to search
You can search Each individually or all forums.

(2) Type Keyword search terms (Advanced search tips)
for example - ingroup error
(separate words with spaces, not commas)
(if you need an exact phrase, use quotes: "ingroup error")

(3) Username search - This has been re-implemented!
If you know who made the post, you can use the userid, for example: jdoe

(4) Date Range
By default, it will show posts from the last year.
If you want to search the entire database, clear the 1 to be blank and Year(s) to be blank as well.

(5) Result format
If you want 25 results, per page, leave this as is.

Also, if you want to preview the results, tick the checkbox

Click Submit Button.

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