I had two days off from Office, It is glad to know that the topic is still hot. Any ways I checked Citrix man's script and sorry to say that I found that key(PNPOCOA) in 4 desktop PC's in my company which is Compaq D51C/P253. thees PC was having COMPBATT key too where my script failed first time.

I found NTDOC (WMI query) was only Possible but as somebody said WMI is good only for admin script, I found that if I add WMI script in my login script and machine doesn’t have WMI installed the entire script is failing to proceed.

I'll say what is my actual requirement to find laptop, My laptop users are taking their machines at home this is causing a virus threat, so we decided to write a script to check the dat version in laptop if it is old show a message to call help desk and log them off without further mercy !!

Pls let me know is there any other way to do this ... this is the requirement from or Vice president of I.T.

I'll post my old code

If $laptop=1
$datver=ReadValue("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\TVD\VirusScan Enterprise\CurrentVersion","szVirDefVer")
If ($datver=$srvdat)
? "same version"
? "vier. is diffrent"
$msg=MessageBox ("Your virus deffnition files are old, Please call IT help desk immediatly!! You wont be able to login to network unless you have latest deffnition file","Virus file allert",16)
Logoff (1)

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