... and easily? how to verify scripts?


A lot of you are running still an old kixtart release.
Sometimes we see questions like:
  1. what are the changes with latest release?
  2. how can I verify possible compatibility problems with mine scripts?
  3. can I easily upgrade our servers?
  4. can I easily upgrade our clients?
Answer 1: what are the changes with latest release?

On our page http://home.wanadoo.nl/scripting/specials/release.htm
you can see when kixtart macro's, commands and functions were introducing.
Upgrading from an older Kixtart 3.x release to Kixtart 3.63 will not a big
problem. Between both of them only new issues were adding.
So Kixtart 3.63 is fully downwards compatible with earlier releases.

For the OLExxx users an upgrade to Kixtart 4.x release can't be done. At this
kixtart 4.x release the OLExxx are removing by Ruud. New capabilities has been
added. For more about it see COM forum on this site.
Also the dim command has been redesigned. In some situations you should
use redim instead of dim command.

Other new important issue for kixtart 4.x releases are
- user defined functions (see UDF forum and scriptlogic for more)
- floating point values
of course Ruud has add also capabilities which has to deal with the
newer windows 2000 and XP releases.

(Actual release: kixtart 4.10 rc 2 (build 95))

Answer 2: how can I verify possible compatibility problems with mine scripts?

To verify possible compatibility problems with your scripts run
our tools kixstrip and kixref. There are version for Kixtart 3.63, 4.0x
and 4.10
Possible calls are
- kixstrip410 input.kix output.kix /block_check /show_structure
- kixref410 input.kix output /warnings

(see for more info kixstrip & kixref)

Answer 3: can I easily upgrade our servers?

An upgrade of your server can easily be done. For the Windows 9x users we advise
you to upgrade the kxrpc service at the same time as you are upgrading
your other kixtart files.

Answer 4: can I easily upgrade our clients?

For an easy upgrade of your clients with f.e. kixtart 4.02 you can use
our installation package kix402update.exe. Always the correct
files will be installed on your clients.

At the moment there are six releases:
  • kix362update.exe
  • kix363update.exe
  • kix400update.exe
  • kix401update.exe
  • kix402update.exe (final release)
  • kix410update.exe (release candidate 2)
Each time it will verify the correctness of your release. Incorrect
files will be replaced and missing files will be added. Regardless of
file attributes.
To prevent running more times we are using a check-file.
You can easily upgrade it with our iexpress package.
Questions: how?
A way of installing/updating kixtart of your clients: with only one additional statement

For installing or updating of your clients you can download on of our packages kix???update.exe
from our site http:\\home.wanadoo.nl\scripting.

Your BATch file may look like:
@echo off
\\server\NETLOGON\kix402update.exe /q
kix32 \\server\NETLOGON\your_script.kix
@echo off

@echo off
%0\..\kix402update.exe /q
kix32 %0\..\your_script.kix
@echo off


btw: for the complete stories about upgrading/installing kixtart on clients
see the topics

kix???update & wkix4??update

btw: kix???registry installs also kixtart binaries on your clients but it creates
also the file associations with kixtart files.
btw: wkix4??registry installs the console-less version of kixtart binaries on your

(our reaction 3200 to the board)
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