It would appear that Symantec has changed their LiveUpdate to just once a week. Now anyone that wants more frequent pattern updates will have to manually (or script) FTP download.

I dug up the following article on Symantec's site on how to script the FTP download.

{edit} Flawed logic below.  Much wiser now.  Vpcur.lst still only reflects the LivUpdate version and not the most recent (Intelligent Updater) version.

It is very basic in that it doesn't check the pattern file version. On the same FTP site, there is a vpcur.lst file that is in an INI format as follows:


I was thinking that with KiX, this file could be downloaded and enumerated, then checked against the existing patttern to determine whether a newer one need be downloaded.

Has anyone done this already? Being as lazy as I am, I'd hate to reinvent the wheel.

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