Okay since parsing is not my forte, I'm looking for some more
help with the following. I need to know how long a Server or
Workstation has been up and running. I can find this by shelling
out and running either one of the following.

NOTE: I am using KiXtart v3.63

net statistics workstation

net statistics server

Which comes back with results like this:

net statistics workstation
Workstation Statistics for \\FMLAST-D01

Statistics since 10/1/2001 4:41 PM

Now I can use @TIME to get the current time but I have an issue here.
@TIME uses a 24 hour clock and net statistics uses a 12 hour clock
with AM PM

During a user logon I want to check and see how long the system has
been running. If the system has only been up and running for less then
one minute I want to take a different action then if the system has been
up and running for a long time. I'm checking if a service is running.
If the system is a server and has just been restarted, it is prone to a
30 seconds to maybe upwards of a couple minutes before all of the services
are running. If I check for this service right away, it may not be there
and I would falsely log that the service was not running, when in fact it
may have only needed another 30 seconds before it was running.

Using either this method (or any other method) how can I determine and place
in a useable variable, that the system has been running or not running for
more then 1 minute?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.