I'm reasonably new to Kix and although I have been successfully using Kix for the last 4 months in my network to do a few minor group-drive mappings and registry key updates, I consider myself a newbie to the scripting world.

My problem - Kix has been running perfectly for the past 4 months however last week it has started intermittently and randomly hanging after the users have logged in. The strange thing is, I can't replicate the problem exactly each time I log in. Sometimes it runs without a hitch, then using the same PC, same login account, logoff then log back on - fails! Restart the PC and then the script maybe fails, maybe works. This happens on any of the PC's and there seems to be no pattern with which to trace this issue. It doesn't matter whether I call the login script from a batch file (locally on the PC, from AD Group Policy Object or Domain Controller Netlogon shares) or directly from the AD Group Policy Object.

I've tried the following and after trawling through this bulletin board, am still at a complete loss as to what the problem is or how to fix it. Any help is much appreciated!

(note here: I manage two separate companies and have kix running at both sites. One site has not had one issue with kix, whereas, I'm experiencing these problems at the other)

- Initially, checked for any inconsistencies between my two sites
- Tried logging in using different login accounts (with varying security rights)
- Tried logging in to different PC's (all PC's are using an SOE, all with identical hardware)
- updated Kix32.exe first to V4.21 then after no luck to v4.22rc1
- copied Kix files/scripts locally to the PC's and calling the login script from there
- Sometimes, while the KIX login window is hung, I can manually navigate to and run the same kix32.exe and login.kix files with the new instance working fine (while the original script is still hung)

* Windows 2000 AD - hybrid mode
* 2 x Domain Controllers (win2k sp4)
* 4 x Memeber Servers (win2k sp4)
* 70 * WinXP Pro clients (sp1)
* Kix32.exe (v4.20)(4.21)(4.22rc1)
* Login script is being called from AD Group Policy, User Configuration/Windows Settings/Scripts(logon/logoff)/Logon
* Kix32.exe and script files are located in \\domain\sysvol\domain\scripts