I'm having a bit of an issue while running a minimal login script for dial-up users. The initial batch file runs sweet. It determines if a user is dialed in or not. It runs the script when on the LAN but when I am dialled in, running KiX from the local computer doesn't work. It sits there for a few minutes and bombs out of the batch file. I have an NT 4 domain with KiXtart 4.11 and a windows 98 client. KiX files are on all domain controllers and on the local computer. If KiX files are not on the local computer, KiX runs from the domain controller and copies the required files to the computer within the KiX script. If I run \\BDC\netlogon\logon.bat manually, it worked fine. It's only when I'm dialled in. I hope someone can help me out as this is getting sooo frustrating. Do KiX DLL's have to be in the path of the computer for them to work or is it enough to have them in the same directory as KiX32.exe. Thanks in advance for your help, Annino
Here is the initial batch file to launch the script:

REM *** Begin check for Dial Up connection ****
if exist %windir%\system32\RASAPI32.DLL goto ras_status
if exist %windir%\system\RASAPI32.DLL goto ras_status
goto LAN

if not exist %WINDIR%\kix32\NUL md %WINDIR%\KIX32
if exist %windir%\kix32\checkras.exe goto yes_checkras
copy %0\..\subscripts\system\checkras.exe %windir%\kix32

REM Checking for RAS connection
if errorlevel 1 goto RAS
goto LAN

REM *** Launch Kix from Domain Controller ***
echo Loading Login Script from Domain Controller. Please wait...
%0\..\kix32.exe %0\..\Subscripts\DomainMain.KIX
goto end

REM *** Launch Kix from local computer ***
echo RAS connection detected. Checking for local Kix files...
if not exist %windir%\kix32\kix32.exe goto LAN
echo Loading Login Script from local computer. Please wait...
%WINDIR%\Kix32\kix32.exe %0\..\Subscripts\DomainMain.KIX