I have never been good with arrays, not even way back in BASIC on a trs-80 [Cool]
anyway, can someone give me a brief rundown on how to get this to work? here is the setup-

i wanted to create an array with three items that will be used at the same time, and have multiple groups of these three. For example=

now, how would I go about USING these (or is there a better way to set this up)? there are 24 of these. I am using
Case $comparison = "$a1" $misc1="a2" $misc2="a3"

but as I said, there are 24 lines, potentially more in the future, and I would like to keep my script as un-bloated as possible.
I have RTFM, but my mind just isnt getting around it; as I said, I have never been good with arrays, but now I definitely want to address this shortcoming.

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