Just thinking. This post should probably be moved to the lounge as it's not really a scripting question. I didn't think of it at the time.

I am glad I am not the only one that doesn't really like Powershell. It just seems really hard to work out what the code is doing. I have been spoilt by Kixtart which is so easy to understand.

You know I never even thought of checking the registry to see the @producttype and @domain. That's a very good idea. I will look into it.

If you can make it in Kix/Kixforms, why can't you use that instead of having to convert it to Powershell? If it works in Kix?

I will have a look at the NTFSPerms Udf and see if that would work better than the Powershell script. Thanks.

Not sure what to suggest about Kixtart. I think what would make a difference is using a new forum like Discourse, which is really modern and popular. Part of the problem with Linuxquestions and Kixtart etc is the very dated forum looks. However discord is not cheap and more importantly if Kixtart is end of life, then there is not much point obviously.

Maybe Kixtart could re-establish itself as a player by providing solutions for things that even Powershell users find hard to implement? Just a thought? I suspect the developer has retired the project and in fairness to him, he has spent more than two decades maintaining the project. Maybe somebody who has the necessary skills and interest could take over the project?