Dear all,

I have been a very happy user of Kixtart. I am not a programmer, so I like the simplicity of Kixtart compared to other programs which seem to require quite a lot of code to do even the simplest of things. Not to mention the poor documentation many languages have.

I am just wanting to hear feedback on the future of Kixtart? I fully understand that many younger technicians are into Powershell and outsourcing all their work to Microsoft via the cloud! So I do understand why Kixtart has declined in popularity to a large extent. Which is a shame, because I think Kixtart is so much better.

However, Kixtart still has something that Powershell etc does not. The sense of community here, not a faceless corporation.

I still use Kixtart for all my startup and logon scripts. Works beautifully and I have never had any issues. But even I can see that Kixtart is starting to show it's age with lack of support for things like:

@Producttype bug for Server 2019.

@domain Variable returns Netbios name. The DNS name is far more relevant now than Netbios.

If I want to get rid of all the apps like Xbox crap on Windows - I have to use Powershell to delete the apps from the computer completely. While it works, it's a pity that I could not do this via Kixtart.

A project that I have been working on lately is auditing NTFS permissions on Servers and exporting the information to csv. Icacls doesn't really do this very well, lacking options and exports to txt format, which then needs to be converted to csv format. So Kixtart was not a good choice for this due to it's reliance on Icacls to do the actual work. I have got most of the NTFS audit coding working in Powershell, but I have to say that I am appalled at how difficult it is to code in powershell and how appalling the documentation is. I still have not got it quite right. I am sure that Kixtart could do this so much more easily and more efficiently!

I don't really like powershell, but I am having to use it for certain things as nothing else does the job. I expect this to only increase as the years go by.

With the latest PrintNightMare issues, I have had to use pnputil and kixtart to deploy all printer drivers to the driverstore. So once again Kixtart came to the rescue and was so simple to implement! Even today, Kixtart clearly shows it's relevance!

In short, I still see a need for scripting languages like Kixtart. Handles my startup and logon scripts perfectly, even came to the rescue with pnputil and printnightmare! So simple to use and great community.

If this is indeed the end of an era (as all good things must end eventually I suppose), then I would just like to give a big thanks to the developer for providing such a brilliant resource that I have used for over 15 years now! I will continue to use Kixtart until it no longer works in Windows!

Completely off topic - anybody tried Windows 11 yet? I must admit I like the visual look of it. W10 always looked so boring compared to W7.