Thank you very much. I managed to get that to work. Hopefully this will help to find computers where Firefox is not updating because it wants the admin privileges to do so (when it shouldn't). And I should now be able to find the computers with the wrong Firefox ID number which is causing a lot of problems deploying the user.js file. As well as ensuring Firefox is running the US 64 bit version.

For some strange reason Server 2019 does not have the Firefox version in Hkey_Current_User, only in Hkey_Local_machine. However neither Windows 10 nor Server 2016 will read the Firefox version from Hkey_local_machine, but Windows 7 apparently will.

So I have managed to sort the script so that it shows the Firefox version including 32/64 bit as well as US/En-GB versions and shows the Profile ID number for Windows 10 and Windows 7. Servers I can only get the profile ID number to show!

I am not worried about the Servers, but it is rather strange why I cannot get the script to read the browser version from HKLM with W10 and Server 2016. It is the same location as for Windows 7!

Otherwise sorted! Thanks