syntax53. Thank you for your insight on this matter. As a matter of fact this post has the same issue -

My impression is that the problem is that the Windows 10 first login takes a lot longer than Windows 7 and something has not fully loaded in time for the printer install to take place. Never experienced this problem with Windows 7 and I actually have a new 2019 server installed recently with W7 clients and no issues installing printer on first login. So it's not actually the server side nor the script that is the problem.

In addition to disabling onedrive install (which does increase the login time) and which I have already disabled, it was suggested that one could disable the screen displaying please wait while we setup your computer for your for the first time. Apparently if you disable that, it still shows text, but it improves the initial login time. This may be just enough to improve the login time sufficiently to ensure that printers reliably install on the first login?