I ran into a problem today where a script failed with the following logic:
If 1.0 * @KIX <> 4.66
The Kix32 was version 4.66. I determined that the country's decimal point was "," and not ".". This was kind of a surprise as I thought things generally worked internally and I only needed to deal with LOCALE-specific formatting during output.

When I ran a test script - "1,0 * @KIX" I get an error, but "1.0 * @KIX" returns "4" and not "4,66" or "4.66". I've switched my logic to
If @KIX <> '4.66'
, but I'm concerned about other math operations.

I'd appreciate any insight on properly formulating expressions for international use.


Actually I am a Rocket Scientist! \:D