I think that what I will do first is compare my Windows 7 script with my windows 10 script and see what is different. The W10 script was based on W7 script, I just edited out W7 specific things and added W10 and 64 bit specific things. However, I may have remmed out something that was in W7 because I never had this issue with printers not installing before.

Having said that, I think the issue is because the W7 new login is much faster than the W10 login and I don't think the W10 system is completely loaded by the time the script gets to the printer install section. I think that something needs to be loaded in the profile before you can install the printers.

Perhaps all I need to do is remove the active setup in W10 as this improved the W7 login speed, but I thought that this was not relevant for W10. But other articles indicate that it is still relevant. That could shave off ten seconds for a new login.