Hi Allen,

I have Computer GPO defined that enables "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon" and the issue is not the @domain issue because I am using the @domain setting to apply other settings because we are now using DFS. Everything else in the script is working perfectly except for the printers on first login. The script is definitely running. This is the logon script I am talking about not the startup script. Printers are assigned by logon script, not startup script although perhaps I should review that policy.

We are not using mapped drives anymore. Just windows libraries redirected to DFS Links. These are being setup on first login no problem.

How do you log the results? That would help to identify what the cause is. I can't use the screen because if I run the script manually it will work as the windows profile will have by that time loaded.

I have not seen the problem before myself. Printers have always installed on first login. If I can log the results that would help identify the cause.