Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce the release of KiXtart 4.67:

KiXtart 4.67

New in this release:
1) Fixes issue with large strings in scripts
2) added "-b" commandline option to start with 'BREAK ON'
3) fixed issue so KiXtart once again tries for the default script ("KIXTART.KIX")
4) added "NoNetwork" option to tell KiXtart to not try to retrieve network information
NoNetwork can be enabled from the commandline, using a new "-n" commandline option
or using SetOption( "NoNetwork", "ON" )

Note that this option is only useful *before* any reference to network information
is made. In other words: before your script references macros like @HOMEDIR, HOMESHR,
and before you use the Ingroup function.

Have fun!