I've got a .vbs file that exits with specific numeric codes depending on what the .vbs finds. How can I have kixtart see this output and do something with it?

Here is a snipet of the the .vbs where it exits with code:

If InStr(response, "Non-Enrolled User") Then
result = 12
ElseIf InStr(response, "Enrolled User") Then
result = 47
End If
wscript.quit result

And here is a snipet from kixtart where I'm trying to do something based on the .vbs output:

if ingroup ("CheckEnroll")
SHELL "START /W C:\scripts\CheckEnroll.vbs"
if @ERROR = 12
$smtpto=inputbox("Would you like more information?","Enrollment")

If I run the kixtart and print @ERROR, it returns the number 2. Maybe I'm misunderstanding @ERROR, but I'm expecting it to be either 12 or 47. Insights? Thanks in advance!!