Well, long time no post ... and when I do finally come back it is to be the bearer of bad news \:\(

I have hosted KiXforms.org with a commercial hosting provider for nearly 13 years now, but the last 8 years have been very quiet with minimal traffic other than the odd person using the forum to look up legacy support material. My hosting provider used to run a quality operation, but times have changed and their servers are being constantly re-listed on Spamhaus blocking lists as their support org fail to weed out the spammers. This Spamhaus blocking is severely disrupting my private email which is hosted on the same package as the KiXforms site, so it looks like I need to bite the bullet and move to a new hosting provider. That being the case, I think it makes sense to retire the KiXforms.org web site rather than expend considerable effort reinstating it somewhere else. Unless there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the potential demise of KiXforms.org then the web site will close down some time in late November when my current hosting contract expires. As they say, it was good while it lasted \:\)