I have been looking at Windows 10 and it does seem to offer some appeal. Apparently its going to look like an improved version of windows 7 that just happens to be tablet friendly and is going to be even faster and lighter on resources than windows 8 and windows 7.

Given that the market (that I work in anyways) is moving more and more towards tablets and BYOD I think that an OS that works on tablets and computers is inevitable and it sounds like they got it right in windows 10. So for my clients I might eventually upgrade.

Having said that, I have not used it yet, so may change my mind very quickly after using it. For me windows 7 works beautifully. Its reliable, its not slow, has a clean and familiar gui, I can deploy using WDS, update using WSUS, install apps using WSUS Package Publisher. I am not seeing any real benefits to windows 10. But then again I am not a tablet fan either!

I do know that anyone that has windows 8 will be better off on windows 10 as windows 8 was a bugger up from start to finish in my opinion. I am just not seeing any benefit to jump from windows 7 as windows 7 is not exactly slow and the tablet functionality is not my biggest requirement on a desktop! So for my home pc I probably will stick with windows 7.

I also wonder how kixtart will work on windows 10.

What are you guys going to do if you are running windows 7 on your computers.?