I just started using KiX, but it seems quite a lot more functional than Batch and I want to use it.

I've now created a script which loops through a txt-file in which I've defined which path should be mapped for a specific letter if the user is in a specific group, like:


Then I split the line using "split()" to get the $group, $letter and $path into seperate variables. The map should be mapped when the user is member of the specified group (Checked via "InGroup( $group )").

Now we get to the problem:

When I try to connect the network-drives using

USE $letter $path /persistent

it works the most of the time. But not always! I've created a log file to get the error code, but it's returning 0 as if the drive was mapped, but it is not mapped on the client computer.

Currently it happened on two client computers running Windows 8 Pro x64, but it's working on other clients with W8 Pro x64 and W7 Pro x64.

Is there anything I've just not seen or I'm doing wrong?