i have a script that scans all XP workstations (SP3) on the network (about 4200) to get users locally connected and uptime. i use psloggedon from sysinternals to get user informations (redirect output in a file and analyze text file).

now, instead of launching psloggedon more than 4200 times, i would like to use WMI with remote request. I found a vb script that i converted to Kix and this is working fine locally. The problem is that the script doesn't give the same results when run locally or remotely.

1) i am connected on a workstation A with a domain admin account.
2) from this workstation, i launch mstsc to open a session on workstation B with the same account.
3) i copy the script on workstation B

4) i execute the script on workstation A with workstation B as parameter to get information remotely. I get a set of result 1
5) i execute the script locally on workstation B. I get a set of result 2

set 1 and set 2 are differents \:\(
in fact, when executed to get remote informations, it seems that resolution from logonID to user name is not done.

Has somebody experimented this problem ?
Can somebody test the script and tell if he gets same results ?


loggedon.kix (189 downloads)