I have a logMaint utility that can run as a system service via SrvAny. I use it to dump my event logs on all servers every night, leaving 30 days of logs locally. It can call a command on completion, so a simple SCP command would give you what you need without local account issues.

Running as a system service eliminates scheduled tasks, user accounts, etc. The single service can be configured to manage dozens of logs. On my web servers, it dumps the event logs nightly, deletes old web files after 60 days, and mail transaction logs after 30 days (and does it for multiple web/mail services).

The same code can run via the system scheduler to perform a single log cleanup.

It can run a command, stop a service, move the log to an archive name or folder, delete expired archived logs, start the service, then run another command if needed. It can archive by renaming, moving to a folder, or moving to a ZIP file. Each of these options is configurable on a per log basis.

PM me if you are interested in this.

Actually I am a Rocket Scientist! \:D