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Is this a traditional logon script or a GPO Startup Script?
I can't remember exactly what is about @priv, but I know I remember that it doesn't work as advertised any more. If I remember correctly @priv is a carry over from Win9x days.

It's a traditional logon script. How can it be a carry over from win9x? Administrators didn't exist in 9x.

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It also appears you are using an old or altered version of LocalAdmin... here is the link to UDF... http://www.kixtart.org/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=84156

I modified the script, but it's the same difference. The sid "S-1-5-32-544" is the SID for the local administrators group. So sidtoname('S-1-5-32-544') == "Administrators" and therefor '@wksta\'+sidtoname('S-1-5-32-544') == @WKSTA + "\Administrators." Regardless though, I did try it the first way first and later changed it to my way thinking something was going on the with sidtoname function.

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