I am ready for the weekend to start this troubleshooting into getting the list of computers. I see that I have more replies to my question, so I thought that I would start with the shortest script. Arend, I am looking into the error as we speak, but your script
Dim $objAdsPath, $obj, $filter[0]
$filter[0] = "Computer"
$objADsPath = GetObject("LDAP://OU=Servers,OU=Computers,OU=Company,DC=domain,DC=local")
$objAdsPath.filter = $filter
For Each $obj In $objAdsPath
? $obj.Name

comes up with this error for me

ERROR : Error in expression: this type of array not supported in expressions.!

I am running windows 2008 server here if that helps explain why I am seeing the error.
I am going to be researching the cause of this error and also looking at the other scripts to see what will accomplish the task at hand. Thanks Rob