Yes, I realise that one is not supposed to modify the udf's as they are created to be used as the author intended. The problem is, I have looked high and low to find a udf that does what I want it to do. I can find any number of UDF's that returns users and groups, but more specifically most of them seem to check whether xyz is a member of abc. I cannot seem to find a udf that lists all computers in group or OU. Hence, the reason why I tried to modify the function computeringroup as the first part of that udf does what I want it to do, namely read the computers that are in a specific group. So I thought that I would just use that and modify as there does not seem to be anything like what I am looking for.
Yes, I also looked at the groupmembers one as well and realised it doesn't return computers and I couldn't understand the coding written there to understand what I needed to modify in order to return computers lol. My coding is not that great, as I am not a programmer by trade, I only use Kixtart for a login script.