ok where to start. sorry for the wall of txt that you are about to have to see. and yes i will ask please point out where i have messed up. i will show 2 batch files that i am trying to work with. i am a comp tech and i am trying to make the backup automated. i need to make a autorun disk and pop it in a cd drive and walk away. i do run into some comps that have multi accounts. i have some code that get the data useing the %userprofile% variable. issue. if there are alot of accounts i need to log into each account. that = time. bad lol. i need it to do every account. so i tryed playing with the robocopy command. and i get a error. what i need this code to do is copy the folders that have "usfull" data like pics docs music. not the folders that are pointless like app data(for vista win7)here is the code that i tryed to play with.

cd "c:\users"
SET source=”C:\Users”
SET dest=”C:\DLI Backup”
SET what=/E /copyall /sec
SET options=/R:0 /W:0 /xd dirs app data
ROBOCOPY %source% %dest% %what% %options%

so i guess i am asking plz fix my code and show me what i need to do so that it can work for the directorys for eather xp vista(win 7). that part i have not figured out yet