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...I'm wondering if it is a permissions issue?

Regular users cannot copy anything to the destination folder you are using.

Well I have local admin rights, and it's not working.. I have changed the code to the following so that they get the file from a local server :-

$Result = CompareFileTimes (@LDRIVE+"\Screensaver\nwdass.scr", "C:\WINDOWS\System32\nwdass.scr")
	IF $Result = 1 OR $Result = -3
		COPY @LDRIVE+"\Screensaver\nwdass.scr" "C:\WINDOWS\System32\nwdass.scr" /h /s

I basically want to change the screensaver on a regular basis, without having to change the GPO - hence using a script to just overwrite the screensaver file.

Any suggestions?