Thank you that points me in the right place for one part but I think I am confused if I am reading yoour code correctly it would run the install only if they are in the correct IP range I don't want the script to run anything even map a drive unless they are in tghe correct range here is why we are a growing business in the last 6 mths we have went from workgroup to AD and citrix our main office is MN is a Office in Phoenix is office in Prescott is sierra vista etc... our people travel to all offices and if they are trying to map and print to MN resources from AZ it lags the WAN, so I want the users to run only the local scripts I figured I could do it if I could see some sample code for how to run only if you are in ip range XXX

Different offices also have different software packages to be installed.

(confused yet?)

All Phoenix People have forefront (no mom server yet yes I know but its hard to squeese money out of a small company mindset) phoenix gets the updates for forefront which I download and put on the server once a week.

HR maps local drives which I sync nightly

Let me try it like this my wife said I ramble when I type and talk


If Ipaddress is Then run MNlogon
If Ipaddress is then run AZlogon

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