Arend (and anybody who might have and idea),

I'm using the NTFSPerms() UDF to set permissions on some folders. Works great.
All folders inherit permissions from the parent folder (Domain users Read, System Full, Domain admins Full). I am removing the Domain users group and adding the user with change permissions. Normally you need to uncheck the inherit from parent checkbox to be able to remove inherited permissions but the UDF just rips out the group or user I specify.

Could this become an issue? I guess not but I just want to be sure thatís why I would like to have some comments/suggestions on it.

The code I use:
$rc = NTFSPerms("DEL:USER", "\\server\d$\home\" + $folder, "domain\domain users")
$rc = NTFSPerms("ADD:CHANGE", "\\server\d$\home\" + $folder, "domain\" + $path[UBound($path)])

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