Brad's pretty much on target, but with a scheduled task.. You can control what runs, the account used to run the task, and when it will run. WHEN is the real issue, so rather than taking a chance that the system is up at a certain time, create an AT STARTUP task. Task events can even be configured to run at low priority, and delete themselves when done.

I'd script in a 3-5 minute delay when the script launches, since there are lots of things going on at system startup that compete for processor resources. AT STARTUP runs tasks after the system is initialized, but at the same time that the Run and RunOnce reg keys are processed, so a short delay would make the system appear more responsive, minimizing user complaints about slowness.

Run and RunOnce reg keys are OK if the task should/can run in the user's security context. You have less control over how the task runs than through the scheduler. BTW - Win2K8 makes heavy use of the AT STARTUP capability in the scheduler.

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