Hi All,

We have quite a big KIX logon script being run for our users as part of group policy. I have been trying to get it to run an exe using the "Run" command which will execute our PC auditing software. When the exe is run, it sits in memory for 10mins before it begins to audit the machine.

What appears to be happening at logon is that the kix script runs and executes the auditing .exe fine, and continues through the rest of the script., but when it completes it closes and then shortly afterwards the audit .exe terminates also before it has ran the audit.

Running the same script manually after logon runs and executes perfectly, i.e. the kix script terminates but the audit exe continues to stay in memory and runs its audit.

Has anyone come across this before? Is it to do with some type of difference with the run environment when running through Group Policy or at logon? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,