Copying kix with an admin script would be one way. Collect all computer names that should get kix and run a copy job from one admin workstation.
An other way it to create a folder on lets say c:\ on each machine with a startup script and set permissions on it with xcacls or the Vista equivalent (if there is a special vista version). Then you can use a logon script to copy stuff to that folder.
A third way would be to run kix32 from the server and not from the local workstation. Something like \\domain\somefoldershere\sysvol\kix32.exe \\domain\somefoldershere\script.kix.

We have the second option in place for some generic home made apps and other stuff. The third is the one I use to kick off my logon script. This way you have only one place to worry about when upgrading to a newer version of kixtart.

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