I'm trying to use your RUNNAS to perform the MXLOGIN.CMD command file for Vista users to login to our network. My MXLOGIN.KIX runs fine but the portion before that using XCOPY is where I get stuck.

I've created an XCOPY.TOK file using the syntax: (using a real acct and password)
runnas /user:domainadmin "xcopy.exe" /pass:acctpwd /tok:xcopy.tok /logononly

Now I'm not at all sure how to take the XCOPY.TOK (which by the way is the version that comes with Vista) and actually incorporate it into my logon script.

Can you please help me out? Thanks VERY much!

@echo off
if exist %systemdrive%\kix32.exe goto logon
xcopy %0\..\*.exe c:\ >nul
REM %0\..\Kix32.exe %0\..\MXlogin.kix
%systemdrive%\Kix32.exe %0\..\MXlogin.kix
if errorlevel 1 copy %0\..\*.exe %systemdrive%\ >nul