please look at my example and comment:

a possible production environment is:
company with callcenter.
In the callcenter there are at least 250 "windows 95" P133.
The rest of the company (ca. 80 persons) have w98 and above and other OS.

the mappings and some registrysettings etc are made at the windows OS with kix.

with kix32-4.60 the callcenter could not work.

With the described bug
all scripts have to change.

The risk I mean is not that a command works in a wrong way. The risk I mean is that scripts which works under 4.53 fine, now under 4.60 does not work anymore.
I didnīt write about "lots of risky bugs", I write about the bugs with lots of risks. Not the bugs are lot, the risks are lot. with bugs I mean the bugs and problems which are already posted in this forum.

I have to look after more than 20 companies. And I can assure that not all
have a homogen infrastructure with only one OS like "windows xp".
the reality is that there are lots of operating systems (windows and others) used.
So itīs helpful to have a kix which make less problems unter the most possible windows OS.